school accidents

There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe. While parents assume that their children are safe when they are at school, in a daycare or under the supervision of other school officials, it is not always the case. According to the CDC 4 million students suffer serious injuries in school related accidents every year in the US.


Legally, schools have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their students, not only with regard to their premises but also with regard to the supervision of the children that we entrust to them. Unfortunately, schools do not always meet these legal expectations and a school, teacher, or administrator could be found negligent, resulting in harm, both psychological and/or physical, to their students.


Examples of when and how children can be harmed in school include:


  • Assaults by Students or Staff

  • Dismissing a child to the wrong parent or guardian, leading to harm

  • Improper supervision during gym class or recess, leading to injury

  • Handing over dangerous materials (i.e. scissors, paper cutter) to a child not trained or too young

  • Bullying from fellow students, staff, or teachers.

  • School bus accidents during transportation to/from school or for field trips


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