motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle crashes are among the deadliest types of traffic collisions in New York. Motorcycles offer less protection to riders and their passengers than most other means of transportation, and motorcycle accidents often result in severe and catastrophic injuries: fractures, degloving. Injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, or even death.


There are four main reasons why motorcyclists are more prone to severe injury after a collision than drivers and passengers in other vehicles:


  • Motorcyclists are exposed to direct impact because they do not have the benefit of a large metal frame surrounding them.

  • Because motorcycles typically ride on two wheels and not four, they are much more unstable.

  • Motorcycles and their drivers are lighter and smaller, so even the smallest of impacts can cause a great amount of damage.

  • Other drivers sometimes have a hard time seeing motorcycles because they simply aren't as big as the other vehicles on the road. Because it's harder to see them, drivers often don't notice the motorcycle and fail to yield to it, cut it off, follow it too closely, or open the door of their vehicle directly into it.


In addition to these factors, motorcycles are at greater risk for poor road conditions. The potholes, drainage, and other problems on New York roads might not even be noticeable to other drivers, but for motorcycles, they can be particularly hazardous.


Motorcycle Accident and Insurance in New York


New York has a no-fault law for car accidents, which means that auto insurance companies are required to pay for any medical expenses, lost earnings, and incidental costs resulting from a car accident, regardless of who was at fault for the crash. Unfortunately, this law does not apply to New York motorcyclists, because the law sees motorcycles as "inherently dangerous." This means that they lose out on the benefits provided under this law, so it's even more important that riders carry their own private insurance any time they plan on being on their bikes.

However, New York law regarding car accidents also makes some allowances for motorcycle drivers. Because the injuries they may face after even a minor crash are much more severe, motorcycle drivers in New York are not subjected to the "serious injury threshold" other drivers are. This threshold is intended to ensure that New York drivers only make a claim or take a case to court when they have sustained injuries severe enough to warrant it. Because motorcyclists are not subjected to this threshold, they can bring a lawsuit against another driver even if their injuries are only minor.


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